Marie’s TV slot: iPad2 highlights

This morning on Breakfast on One, Marie gave a preview of the iPad 2, due for launch in New Zealand this Friday, and also gave us a look at the rise of online charitable giving.

First, the iPad 2 is billed as “thinner, lighter, faster” (I’d love to be all of those things!) than the iPad 1. In fact, it’s even thinner than the iPhone 4, and the word is, that makes a significant difference.

The big news is that it has not one, but two cameras, one on each side, so it enables videoconferencing, which was a big request from users after iPad 1 came out. And the camera’s not too bad, either, as our video of the week shows (see below).

Marie’s recommended iPad 2 apps:

  • Flipboard: a magazine-like interface for your social networks.
  • Dropbox: online file storage. One of the big problems with the iPad is that it’s not easy to move files onto it … Dropbox lets you do that through the internet. Super easy to use, too.
  • Penultimate (clever name!): lets you use the iPad like a pen and paper, for writing notes or even sketching pictures. This is pretty exciting!
  • The Apple family of products, like Garageband and iMovie, also have iPad versions, which is pretty cool.

As mentioned, the high definition camera is pretty good, judging by this music video shot entirely on two iPad 2’s:

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