Lots of talking, lots of listening!

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Isn’t it amazing how many jobs these days are all about talking and listening? We’ve had a day of great conversations today.

It started with a nice cuppa with Rebecca Ganz, commercial catalyst extraordinaire, who helped us to get our ideas out of the clouds and into some sort of action. She’s good at that!

Like many, Rebecca can see huge potential for iJump, and she helped us sort out what we are, from what we’re not. An example:

At iJump, we facilitate, we don’t create. We’re about putting tools in the hands of our clients, and helping them do their own cool web stuff.

Speaking of Facilitate, this afternoon we had a chat with Damien Thompson, managing director of Facilitate Digital.  Facilitate helps ad agencies make the whole process of putting ads online much easier. We talked about how many people still don’t know the first thing about online, whether that’s online advertising or the stuff we do, like blogging, podcasting and Second Life.

Damien’s part of the IAB‘s education and training board, helping educate the business community about the possibilities of online, as well as educating individuals about online career opportunities (of which there are many!). So there might be opportunities to join forces in the future.

If you’re involved in online advertising at all, check out Facilitate’s offering. Damien said their latest product makes booking online advertising as easy as booking an ad in a newspaper or magazine.

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