Is social media good or bad? Summarising last night’s #SMCAKL debate

“Social media is bad for me, bad for business and bad for society”

That was the moot of last night’s debate at Social Media Club Auckland – an unlikely topic, you might think, but as the event organiser I felt it was good to get some healthy discussion going.

On the affirmative side (agreeing that social media is bad) was an online strategist (and ex-Twitterer), communications lecturer (who blogs!) and a web design company owner.

On the negative side (arguing that social media is actually not bad) was a Twitter celebrity and upcoming novelist, a marketer who’s also a busy mum (and previous iJumpTV interviewee), and a scuba diving, business owning, online-response giver.

It was a great debate. We had some tired old cliches with an ounce of truth – that social media wastes time and kills productivity – but we also had some genuinely constructive collisions of ideas.

Thanks to Thomas for providing his slide deck:

Social Media Debate ’10

And thanks to Tara for her great summary blog post.
If you’re in Auckland (heck, even if you’re not) and you’d like to know when the next one is, like Social Media Club Auckland on Facebook.

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