iJumpTV 83: Stephen Johnson (interrupted!) on cause marketing

Can a for-profit company have a compelling cause? How can organisations of all kind grasp the potential of social media, not just for marketing, but for really making a difference? Stephen Johnson from ArcaneLogik gives his thoughts – and we want to hear yours too!

Stephen’s been on iJumpTV once before, when he spoke at the first Marketing Now (the conference that evolved into Connect Now).

Find out more about Stephen, including his recent work for World Malaria Day, at ArcaneLogik.

And please … let us know what you think in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “iJumpTV 83: Stephen Johnson (interrupted!) on cause marketing

  • Stephen Johnson

    I'd like to apologise for rushing off (how rude) and to invite anyone even remotely interested in the context of for-profit social agenda… to continue the discussion here (yes, even months later 😉

  • Simon Young

    Thanks Stephen, I'll chip in. Have been reading Meaning, Inc. which is a great take on making CSR more than just an add-on to business.

  • Kath Dewar

    Cool – I like John Grant's work in this space too, and use it a lot in my How to Market Sustainability short course. As Malcolm Rand said on Celsias.co.nz today, in the future it'll hopefully be essential business as usual – but for now, for companies as diverse as All Good organics in NZ and Waitrose supermarket in the UK social leadership is a major differentiator, and social media spreads the word more powerfully than any brand ad ever could….


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