If you want engagement, invite participation互动的秘诀:邀请更多参与者

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If you want a foolproof way to get your audience, community, fans or customers engaged with you, here’s a simple way: Give them something to do.

Here are some great recent examples.

PBS Half the Sky “Socially Immersive Documentary”

PBS’ “Half The Sky” is more than a documentary; it’s being consciously created as a movement, and one that’s easy to participate in meaningfully.

Here’s some specific tactics they’re using:

  • Celebrities. Not just endorsement but involvement, with some even manning (womanning?) the documentary’s Twitter account at some stage
  • Being everywhere. The expected channels of Facebook and Twitter, but also Tumblr, Spotify, GetGlue and fundraising site Crowdrise. Being ubiquitous used to be expensive, but now you don’t have to buy paid ads, you simply have to invest in managing a presence. Done smartly, that’s a really good investment.
  • Asking a simple question. The Tumblr site simply asks people to complete the sentence: “Women hold up half the sky because…” Could questions be more powerful that we thought?

Adidas/All Blacks “Inside Information”

Meanwhile, back in New Zealand, Adidas and its agencies have developed Game Day, a Facebook app (and soon to be smartphone app) that gives fans the inside running on their favourite team.

What’s interesting about Game Day is that it doesn’t involve direct participation as such (e.g. as a user, I don’t get to go on the field with the All Blacks) but it does provide a wealth of information, and a forum to discuss.

If you have a brand people are already passionate about (as All Black fans undoubtedly are) then participation is a lot easier: simply open the doors a little bit more. Provide more information, or make disparate pieces of information easier to consume.

If you want to get people involved – and to be a successful 21st century brand, you really do – then give them something to do, and give them the resources they need to do it easily.

What great examples have you seen of participatory marketing? Where have you seen it go wrong?

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  • 名人效应。
  • 无处不在。“半边天”节目不仅仅拥有Facebook和Twitter主页,同时也有Tumblr, Spotify(音乐社交网站), GetGlue(电视社交网站)和Crowdrise(筹款网站)。在过去,如果想让你的品牌随处可见,广告费用是一笔不小的开支,但是现在,你仅仅需要上网开通相关网页即可。
  • 提问简单问题。在其Tumblr站点上,“半边天”节目一般会像受众提问一些简单的问题,如填充句子:女人能顶半边天是因为____________________?


阿迪达斯为新西兰全黑橄榄球队设计了一款Facebook app “Game Day”。这款应用允许用户在线运营自己喜爱的橄榄球队。

Game Day这款游戏为用户提供了海量信息和在线论坛讨论服务。






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