HR and Marketing: Meant to be together人力资源管理与市场营销,注定要联系在一起吗?

(This presentation was delivered to the HRINZ 9to5 conference on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012 in Auckland) 

TeamworkMarketing and HR should be best friends. Why? Because we’re both in the same job: persuading people to do what’s best for the company.

For marketing, the people don’t work for us; they pay us. We call them customers.

For HR, the people do work for us; we pay them. We call them staff.

But staff or customers, they’re still people.

Living in silos

Traditionally, marketing and HR have been in silos. Management consultants have been calling for the departmental walls to come down, but a more powerful force than consultants is the market itself.

The market – customers, staff, or just people – are using disruptive social technologies that knock down those organisational walls, because for the customer, there is no difference between marketing, sales, customer service or product development. 

Disruptive possibilities

So, how can marketing and HR work together? Here are some possibilities:

  • Tell the same story. The story that captures employee’s hearts is the same one that will capture customers. Collaborate in telling it.
  • Create a brand culture that tells the story more powerfully and authentically than a logo ever could*. Culture comes from rituals and habits that emphasise what’s important to a company – its rituals. (*NB still get a good logo! That’s also important)
  • Have some common measurements of success, or at least make sure your key performance indicators are in sync with the company’s vision or overall direction.

It starts with a coffee

Those are pretty big calls in most medium-to-large organisations. Creating (and living) a joint vision is not easy when there are politics, miscommunication and turf wars going on. But the first step may just be asking the “other side” whether that’s marketing or HR, for a coffee, and get to know what their world is like.

How else can marketing and HR get on? We welcome your ideas below.


Teamwork人力资源管理和市场营销是亲密无间的好朋友。为什么这么说呢? 因为它们的工作性质都是一样的:说服人们去做对公司最有益的事情。











  • 讲述同样的故事。可以吸引员工的故事,同样也可以吸引客户。
  • 企业的品牌不仅仅是一个图像标志,而是背后蕴含的企业文化。品牌文化将向消费者和客户传达更加强有力的信息。
  • 部门间的互通容易建立共同的愿景。至少保证公司的主力雇员了解公司的发展方向,确保一切行为活动朝着目标进行。





4 thoughts on “HR and Marketing: Meant to be together人力资源管理与市场营销,注定要联系在一起吗?

  • Samantha Lee

    I conpletely agree that these 2 areas of any organisation should be working together. I will go as far as saying that if you remove the legal elements of both areas ie employment law and marketing law, the depts should be headed by the same person. A new dept called People Experience should be set up.
    I have been talking about this to my marketing buddies for over 12 months and I know that many people feel the same way.

    • Simon

      A gutsy move Samantha! What have the objections been like (if any?)

  • Vera

    Applause! Agree 100%!!!

    • Simon

      Thank you Vera


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