How to get famous in China! #thisweekinweibo

Here’s how one obscure tertiary college from a second-tier city became headline news in China.


What can your business learn from Lanxiang Vocational College? 

  • Challenger brands have to stand out
  • Challenger brands have less to lose than the incumbent – be brave
  • Be aware of pop culture trends (eg the Ice Bucket Challenge) and take them to a whole ‘nother level!
  • Get everyone involved and use social proof – Lanxiang’s photos show crowds upon crowds of students. This does two things, 1) Engages the existing students, making them feel like something bigger than themselves, 2) Proves to others that this is a safe and viable opportunity.

Every kiwi brand must be a challenger brand – our small size simply prohibits us from being an incumbent. How can we get inspired from Lanxiang to be more agile, cheeky and relevant?

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