How Telecom recruits its Online Response Team

While Vodafone NZ has one primary person driving its Twitter account, Telecom has taken a team approach with its Online Response Team (ORT).

Telecom’s Rebecca Smith is in marketing, and therefore in charge of pulling together the ORT, but she won’t let any marketers on the Twitter account (including herself!). You’ll hear why in this interview.

I also interviewed Vaughn Davis about the kind of advice agencies can give clients about social media. The context of the discussion: Vaughn gets social media. He gets that it is a powerful force for change within an organisation. Which is the rub – as a creative director for an outside agency, his influence is limited inside an organisation. I think he gave a great answer for where to start – why do you want to do this social media stuff?

I interviewed Vaughn and Rebecca at the Social Media Club Auckland, a monthly gathering of anyone who’s interested in social media. Might see you there on the 8th of June.

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