How do you keep on top of the news?

Every 2 days, we create as much information as the entire human race created from the dawn of time till the early 2000s. So, how do you keep up with it? I don’t claim to be doing this right, or well, but I’ve been thinking about what has worked for me. I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below. 


  1. Know what you want. It’s impossible to be well-informed about everything. What’s your strategic focus for this year? This month? This week?
  2. Gather diverse contacts. Management guru Tom Peters suggests every week having lunch with a “weird or interesting person”. Weird doesn’t have to be .. weird, it can just be someone from a different industry or perspective. 
  3. Automate your diverse network’s news. LinkedIn is doing this very well. Don’t just let your LinkedIn profile sit there, start interacting with what you see on your news feed. LinkedIn will start to learn what you like, and you’ll see more of it. Services like Newsle is also very helpful for bringing up news that’s relevant to the people you know. 
  4. Commute. I’ve worked from home, I’ve lived 10 minutes from my office, and I’ve also lived a 45-minute train ride from the office. While I hate the necessity of a commute, I do stay more in touch with my news and reading. So even if your office is in your house, find a reason to catch a train every so often, so you can catch up on the news. 

How do you keep up with the information that’s important to you?

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