This year in weibo – 2013 in review

From Simon: Over the last few weeks we’ve been bringing you #thisweekinweibo, a summary of the top trending topics on Sina Weibo, and the insights they bring us into modern Chinese culture.

Since this is the last working week of the year for most kiwis, we thought we’d round up the top topics of 2013. Harriet Zhou, who’s been interning with us for the past month, has given her own special take on the topics capturing netizens’ attention this year. 


The 140 words brought us a lot of joy on Weibo in 2013. Recently, netizens launched an annual sum-up of the year’s most popular events, celebrities and topics. It will be the collection of 2013’s most funny, soothing, entertaining and legendary moments.

Ranking of the most touching moment of the yearMAIN201304201938000030653810894

  1. After Ya’an earthquake, in the hospital, a husband knelt down to shade his injured wife
  2. A 30-year-old mother who suffered cancer decided to fight for it for her three daughters. She wrote her story about fighting with cancer and her three daughters on Weibo. Lots of netizens are touched by the brave mother.
  3. In a village near Shijiazhuang lived 14 children. They are either orphans or too poor to go to school until a “super daddy” Dongliang Li appeared in their lives. He took care of the 14 children and love them like his own.

Ranking for the most weird topics of the year

  1. “Mum, please slap me again” is definitely the most weird and popular topic on Weibo. The different versions generated from the original 4-frame topics made people laugh and ponder.
  2. For singer Feng Wang, it wasn’t his music that got popular, but the empathy he earned. Every time he released a new album there was some other more significant news happening on the same day, meaning he never got a chance to be on the top news. His fans launched a campaign of “Helping Feng Wang get on the top news” making him the most popular figure on Weibo. Even he is surprised at it.
  3. “Be friends with Tuhao” becomes something everybody says and jokes about. Tuhao refers to those who are rich but do not have much taste (more). The phenomenon indicates ordinary people’s desire to be rich in a sarcastic way.

Ranking for the dumbest celebrities  of the year

  1. Actor Chen Li got zero for his break-up with his girlfriend after high-profile displays of love
  2. Famous Taiwanese singer Shaohan Zhang got five due to her estranged relationship with her relatives.
  3. Actor Jie Zhou liking his own page in the name of his fans made him the third dumbest celebrity of the year


Many thanks, Harriet! 

What was the most memorable thing online – on the Chinese or Western internet worlds – for you in 2013? Please commment below. 


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