China: Reality show becomes movie, bombs. #thisweekinweibo

爸爸去哪兒電影版第一季“Dad, Where Are We Going” has been the most successful reality TV show about celebrities and their kids. A movie of the show premiered on Chinese New Year and was much anticipated by fans. 

However, quite a lot of the fans feel cheated by a movie made in 5 days with heavy advertising support. Complaints ranged from “the producer is too greedy”, to “the producer uses children to make money”, to “this is not really a movie, just a long reality TV show”. Some joked that they bought movie tickets to watch TV shows. 

1. How much weight have you gained after Chinese New Year? #过年你胖了几斤#

It is said everybody would gain some weight after Chinese New Year. How much have you gained?

2. Talk about the most beautiful name you’ve ever heard #说说你听过的最好听的名字吧#

What is the most beautiful name you’ve ever heard? Why are they beautiful? Since Chinese given names are usually very meaningful, people proposed a lot of names that are both meaningful and sound nice. 

3. “Dad, Where Are We Going” Get Out of movie industry #爸爸去哪儿滚出电影圈# 

See Above

4. Share your photos with your parents #晒老合影#

The song Where Does Time Go performed on the Spring Festival Gala has touched many people. They feel empathized with the song because it depicts that our parents raised us up and they are old now. Chinese society is based on the units of family so a great value is put on family. People shared their photos with their parents of the past on Weibo.

5. Wishes in the new year #新年新愿# 

What do you wish for the year of horse? Money? Health? Beauty? Marriage? Make a wish on Weibo and maybe your wish could come true. 

6. Can’t help sleeping late #晚睡强迫症#

Every night around midnight, you tell yourself it’s time to go to bed. But after a few minutes, you are browsing your phone. A few hours have passed until you notice. Does that sound familiar? Are you one of them who sleep late but can’t help it?

7. The countdown of going back to work #上班倒计时#

How many day have left in your holiday? Are you going back to work soon? Come share your feelings.

8. Let’s support Zhang Guoli #为张国立点个赞#

Zhang Guoli (an actor) is one of the hosts for the Spring Festival Gala and is the only new host for this year. People showed their support for him and like his hosting style – less formal and humorous. 

9. the 48th Super Bowl #第48届超级碗#

Hosted by NFL (National Football League) China, their news channel broadcast the match and interact with the fans on Weibo. 

10. The most difficult dialect in China #中国最难懂方言?#

Vote for the most difficult dialect in China. Wenzhou dialect is considered very difficult and impossible to understand for people outside the city. Dialects in Fujian province, Cantonese are all considered hard to understand. 





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