I apologise for not consistently updating my end of the blog. I know Simon has been present this year. I’ve been grappling with change.

The above statement goes against what I believe and say about blogging. So, eating my own dog food!

How’s 2008 turning out for you?

We’re going through changes with iJump. We’re constantly evalutating who does what and why. Common sense I know, but it’s a very interesting juggle when your running your own business.

I’ve chosen to talk about change this year because social media is always a moving post. And so is life.

Personal lesson: Habitualisation

I decided before the end of last year to mentally make a few changes. New Years resolutions don’t work for me.

I decided I wanted to implement the following

  1. Go to the gym at least 3-4 times a week
  2. Cut out most of the naughty foods (you know what I’m talking about… don’t give me that look!)
  3. Make it a lifestyle

So far, I’ve learnt

  •       Change takes determination and stickability
  •       Everyone in your company needs to believe in the change
  •       Immerse your culture into experimentation
  •       Be a company that introduces your clients to future leadership

(Beautiful photo courtesy of Glockenblume)

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