Funny because it’s true … the friendship graph

Sometimes things are funny because they ring true. In the process of trying to define and measure something, Murray is completely blind to his alienating behaviours. And it’s just as easy to do in business marketing and communications.

Of course measurement is important because simply being on social media is an investment that needs to be measured. But beware the effect your measurement has on behaviour. Watch out for what you incentivise, and what you discourage. Make sure you’re thinking in the customer’s shoes.

What’s best practice? So often it’s “better felt than telt” as the old Scottish phrase goes. In other words, we can give you a detailed checklist to get you going, but social media is just another way to connect with people. Rely on intuition and commonsense as much as best practice guidelines.

Essentially, this post is exactly the same message as my driving to Taupo post, but with some Flight of the Conchords fun thrown in 🙂

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