Fold or scrunch?

Do you have a certain way of doing things? I do. I’m fussy with how my food is arranged on a plate. I like to control the amount of sauce I have on a main meal. (I promise this blog is going somewhere).      

Millie Garfield (82) has a video blog which does ethnographic research into problematic design of consumer products from an elder video blogger’s point of view.  In other words, Millie talks about brand experiences that the elderly face everyday.  These experiences vary from toothpaste, dental floss, shampoo, food packaging, perfume but they often come down to “I can’t open it”.

Millie hasn’t talked about toilet paper yet but it’s probably only a matter of time. Why does she say it? Because these are real issues for her age group.  And social media gives her a voice.

I wonder if the people that make toothpaste, dental floss or toilet paper are listening.  It’s not just Generation C using social media- it’s everybody.

Except maybe your organisation? 

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