“Enter title here” – what on earth should you say on social media?

IMG_0003There are two approaches to content on social media:

1. Make it up as you go along, hoping you will accidentally be interesting or relevant. 

2. Design a path (or series of paths) based on a deep understanding of your customer’s journey

It sounds simple, but reluctance to invest in a solid content strategy is one of the stumbling blocks preventing people from achieving social media success.

It’s great to know, I’m not alone in thinking this. Last night, Doctor Matthew McDougall, from Digital Jungle, presented to a packed house at AUT University about the Chinese Digital Landscape. 

As you might expect, there were a lot of very, very big numbers (including a story about bras that for some reason stays in the memory), and the sense that Chinese netizens are very active and very sophisticated in their use of social media.

However a really key driver was the need for an intelligent marketing strategy, driven by an understanding of your customer. 

We live in the age of the consumer. It starts by having empathy with your consumer on an individual level , then exploring how they make decisions, and how you can make it easy for them to buy your product. Getting there is complicated, but the end goal is actually pretty simple.

Bear this in mind next time your boss tries to make you “just start” social media without customer insights or a sense of strategic direction. It doesn’t have to be completely mapped out, but you do need to know where you’re going, so you’ll know when you get there.


Thanks to our friends at the Asia New Zealand Foundation for inviting me to be on the panel. It was great to hear Dr McDougall’s perspective and be amongst the questions and comments of our local community, both Chinese and Laowai. 

Asia NZ China Digital Landscape Event

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