What is the business model of education?

Education’s on our minds a lot lately.

First, there’s my upcoming trip to Guangzhou, China, to speak at the East Asia Education Agents Conference. I’ll be speaking on the topic of “Military to Marketing: The Changing Language of 21st century marketing”.

I’ll only be talking about how educational marketing has changed, but really a lot more is changing.

At last year’s Education NZ conference, I asked the people in the room what business model they were in. Knowledge transfer? That’s available for free, in abundance. Qualifications? Maybe. But are they worth anything in terms of turning into jobs (a recent McKinsey study suggests not). Or are education institutions in the social networking business? Are students buying time so they can have a shared learning experience with others, creating a social bond that will last a lifetime? Maybe that’s closer to the real business model of higher education.

Maybe education is more about providing the environment for learning to flourish. The winner of this year’s TED Prize, Sugata Mitra, has a stunning real life example of this in his TED talk:

(Since winning the prize, Sugata’s vision is ready to spread around the world)  

So, if education is about creating an environment for learning, what is a company like syENGAGE to do? For years we’ve offered training, workshops and seminars. Is it popular? Yes! Is it the best way?

You tell us.

That’s why we’re asking you, our stakeholders, to help us create some amazing learning experiences in 2013. Take our syEQUIP survey and, if you’re really keen, contact us (or leave a comment below) to talk more. 

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