IMG_3786Miriam (pictured, left) is a mother and a great cook.

She met us after farewelling her husband and son as she began a four-month journey to transform her life. Miriam’s here learning English and Western cooking, as a precursor to living here.

Her English is just ok, but she’s improving every day. Equipped with GPS and a car she bought on Trademe, Miriam was able to track us down and share some delicious Chinese tea with us. She is devouring life. Her courage and willingness to embrace new challenges is just inspiring.

We met on Sina Weibo, and then carried on our friendship through Wechat. Sometimes people wonder whether a “virtual friendship” is real – it certainly is, even if not a deep one.

As Marie and I continue to learn mandarin, and explore China, we’re inspired by Miriam’s sheer courage:

  • To embrace a new country
  • To simply try, even when you don’t fully know the language
  • To continually improvise, while seeking to improve ourselves

We asked why Miriam would endure four months without her family, and she shared with us a famous Chinese four-character idiom: 心想事成

The meaning: what you hold in your heart will become reality.

To all those on the journey of learning, wherever you come from and wherever you’re going to: 加油!Be encouraged.

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