Chinese social media: New Zealand’s untapped marketing opportunity

China- NZ's opportunity is now!

We’ve never had it so good…

NZ is the first OECD country to have a Free Trade Agreement with China
Positive government-to-government relations
New Zealand’s biggest trading partner
Our second-largest source of tourists
Our biggest source of international students

iStock_000018894806SmallWe have so many advantages as a nation.

And yet… individually, Kiwi businesses struggle with:

  • Real consumer insight
  • Market intelligence
  • Brand-building

Maybe there’s an answer, right under our noses … or in our pockets!

Social media has the potential to make distance irrelevant – if handled correctly.

What is Social Media?

It’s a phrase we hear a lot, but what, actually is “social media”? Here’s an explanation:

The World’s Most Active Social Media Population

  • McKinsey Consulting identified China as the world’s most active social media population
  • Over 80% of online users have multiple social media accounts.
  • Over two thirds of Chinese social media users follow brands
  • More than 50% of weibo users click through to ecommerce sites after noticing relevant information on social media.

So, just how popular is social media in China, and why?

What kinds of social media are there in China?

wechat-354x300In China we don’t see any of the familiar names such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The Chinese government has blocked access, and in their place, local alternatives have risen up.

Two giants dominate the landscape, Sina Weibo and Wechat.

  • Sina Weibo is sometimes called the “Chinese Twitter”, but in reality the features are more like Facebook. Sina Weibo is not as popular as it was, but it’s still the main public platform for discussion.
  • Wechat is a mobile instant messaging app that has taken off in popularity, not just in China but around the world.  While it is a one-to-one tool, it has a powerful word-of-mouth appeal.

While these two tools dominate discussion, there are many other places online where people are having conversations about the things that matter to them.

Things like:

  • What’s the best university to study at?
  • What brand of infant formula is really from New Zealand?
  • Where is the best place to go on honeymoon?

So what’s the difference between western and Chinese social media?

Another thing we’re often asked is, how does the Chinese government control social media in China? The short answer is, they don’t. Kind of. Watch and learn:

How do you get started in Chinese social media?

It’s easy … kind of. Ok, actually it’s not. Social media can be a powerful tool … and the power often depends on the skill of the user.

Here’s the steps we take our clients through:

      1. syKNOW: Listening & Insights. We help you understand and monitor what and where people are talking about your brand online. We track your brand, competitors and industry phrases. 
      2. syCONSULT: Strategy Development. From the insights gathered, we develop a strategy to make you stand out, and build relationships with your potential audience online.
      3. syHUB: Content marketing. We function as your eyes, ears and voice online, executing the strategy and reporting ongoing insights back to you.
      4. syEQUIP: Training. We ensure both you and your chinese staff understand the strategic function of social media to your business. We also ensure you and your staff are up to speed with technical best practices. Both tailored and general training available.

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