The top challenges for social media marketing in China (Guest post)Kelvin’s article

Kelvin Wong, VP of new product marketing at Positec, one of China’s most successful brands, attended a social media & marketing conference in August this year. Here are his key takeaways on the challenges facing marketers in 2013 and beyond:


The China Social Media & Mobile Marketing Forum 2013 was held on August 15th – 16th. It attracted over 140 delegates from Asia Pacific for 2 days of lively discussion and debate. This forum is the best platform to leverage the power of Social Media & Mobile Marketing for better marketing execution, customer engagement, profitability enhancement and platform portfolio management.

The speakers for this 2-day summit are from different big companies – Nestle, Tencent, IBM, PepsiCo, Reckitt Benckiser, etc. Now we have already gained pressing trends, portfolio management on various digital platforms, and have learned how to best utilize and integrate the myriad media platforms to engage customers directly at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing. Also through the best practices of social media marketing brought by leading brands, we can plan next step marketing strategy successfully.

Mobile grows in importance; content a challenge


The trend of the mobile is growing continuously, so the mobile platform is getting more important. One of the key elements that keeps the traffic is content. How to develop the content to keep engagement with our consumers is really challenging. One of the best examples shown by Reckitt Benckiser, was the generation from daily information touch point such as news, weather or horoscope related to the product. Durex is a good example of such practice.

Nestle uses the 3 pillars for digital and social marketing success – Listening, Engaging and Inspiring and Transforming. Building a relationship with consumers is very important. Through this practice, Nestle has built the largest mother-care Weibo in China.

The following shows Nestle using the Weibo platform to launch a new product, with content publishing, interviews and games. The following is one of their successful product launches of Banana ice-cream. 

nestle banana

Wechat gaining, becoming a CRM platform

WeChat platform is gaining a lot of share with 400Mil users – 195Mil are active users and 70Mil are overseas users. Their unique design philosophy is “design for people”. Different than Weibo, WeChat insists the message should be useful and beneficial to the users, so it is not a marketing tool with push messages, but a tool to share valuable information. 

For the future development, WeChat will focus on

  • Customer Relationship Management such as automotive care program, car accident insurance claim program
  • Creative Interaction such as WeChat Podcast leveraging big events and utilizing the glamour of celebrities to embed brand information in programs
  • Sales Promotion such as Mobile Vending Machine, Voice Shopping and WeChat VIP Membership Card 

Still the key point for us is that we need to find a right platform for the targeted consumer groups.

2 thoughts on “The top challenges for social media marketing in China (Guest post)Kelvin’s article

  • Sunayna Gupta

    I agree responsive web designing is here to stay as people are becoming more mobile-savvy, content is still the king.

  • Mitch Ballard

    Excellent post, and along with responsive web design, social media marketing is also very important. No business is successful online without social media marketing.


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