Bringing humanity back to our work将人性化带回工作中

Moulding (1 of 2)

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We often get asked what we do at syENGAGE. 

There’s a simple answer – look at the menu on our website and choose what you need – but there’s an underlying question as well, and that is why do we do what we do?

I found the answer – or an answer – in an unlikely place this weekend.

While visiting my aunt and uncle in the countryside, I was leafing through an art book. It had a quote by John Ruskin, one of the intellectual fathers of the Arts and Crafts movement. 

He was fighting back against what he saw as the down side of the industrial revolution – the loss of personal engagement with the everyday things we use. 

He wrote: 

“There is dreaming enough, and earthiness enough, and sensuality enough in human existence, 
without our turning the few glowing moments of it into mechanism; 

and since our life must at the best be but a vapour that appears for a little time and then vanishes away,
let it at least appear as a cloud in the height of Heaven, not as the thick darkness that broods over the blast of the Furnace, 
and the rolling of the wheel.”

Very poetic. What does it mean? 

It means, let’s bring back the craft into our lives. Let’s actively engage with our work, and make something beautiful.

We can see this kind of thinking continuing in:

  • The slow food movement
  • The agile software movement
  • The sustainability movement
  • and … syENGAGE

Moulding (1 of 2)

Creative Commons License brett jordan via Compfight 




这个周末,我在我叔叔的村庄度假,当我快速翻阅一本艺术书籍时,我看到了“工艺美术运动”之父约翰·拉斯金(John Ruskin)的一句名言。







  • 慢食运动
  • 敏捷软件开发运动
  • 可持续发展运动
  • 还有……syENGAGE

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