Book Review: Get Rich with Apps

Get Rich With Apps by Jesse FeilerApps – that is, software applications – are becoming part of our lives.

A few months after buying my first iPhone, I realised I was using apps to keep track of every aspect of my life: exercise, diet, hours worked, how well I was sleeping and even how many glasses of water I had each day.

Apple has trademarked the phrase “there’s an app for that” because, well, it’s true. Just about anything you can think of, there’s an app for.

It’s like the early days of the internet, when great power was taken from third parties and given straight to us, the consumer. We can now measure, calculate, create, curate and even buy and sell from the palm of our hands.

As a business person, it’s a trend you need to keep track of, even if you aren’t a software developer. Which is where Get Rich with Apps comes in.

It’s a basic understanding of how iPhone and Facebook apps work. The book is very detailed, which is actually a risky move in such a fast-changing area. However, it’s good for those who prefer to learn from a book than from a screen.

While it’s thorough and very practical, I would have appreciated more examples and images. However, there’s enough information here for a motivated learner to even have a crack at making their own app.

Even if you’re not a developer, it’s good to understand the process involved, so that when you are dealing with a developer, they don’t have to educate you on what you can and can’t do. Which is always helpful for a good working relationship!

One last word: don’t be fooled by the hypey title and language around this book. Publishers have to do what they have to do to get books out of the door, but once you get past the hype there’s a lot of substance here.

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