(Audio) Jump In #22: PlanHQ founder Tim Norton

Simon takes a break from the Searchmasters SEO seminar to talk to Tim Norton, founder of PlanHQ and prolific blogger , about his presentation at next week’s Internet Marketing Summit in Auckland.

You’ll hear:

  • How to market an intangible product on almost no budget.
  • Communities – join or build?
  • The practicalities of blogging and video podcasting to build audience trust
  • How open should you be online


It’s also my great pleasure to announce the winner of our Join the Conversation competition. Ron Mader from Oaxaca, Mexico, sent in a video comment (see it on episode 19) and he’s won a copy of Joseph Jaffe’s book, Join the Conversation . Congratulations Ron!

I also share a few thoughts around why we ran the competition – it’s important for marketers to get used to speaking directly to their audience. We’re just trying to get you in practice!

See the video version .

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