Things you need to know about syENGAGE


  • Founded by Simon and Marie Young
  • In business since 2001
  • Offices in Auckland and Shanghai
  • Cross-cultural dedicated team – we understand you, and we understand your market

Why the name?

syENGAGE is pronounced:

Sigh (as in “oh, what a relief, someone who understands my needs!”)

ENGAGE (as in “will you marry me?”)

S Y stands for Sincerely Yours, the belief that marketing in the 21st century must be authentic and human to make a genuine connection.

Why China?

syENGAGE has always been about the future, and China is a very important part of the future for every man, woman and child on earth.

This belief was just a theory until 2010, when we got our first invitation to present a social media workshop in Shanghai. (We’d been doing social media workshops for 3 years at that stage).

That trip made China real to us. It changed the course of our business. And it showed us that marketing in China is difficult, but worthwhile. So we’ve dedicated our business to it ever since.

What’s our vision?

syENGAGE exists to build bridges:

  • Between the present and the future
  • Between Western and Chinese cultures

We do this in order to prepare both sides for a future dominated by Asian influence, and moving at an increasingly fast pace. We do this to ensure change happens in a way that ensures everyone wins.

Who’s on your team?

We have a lean core team based in Auckland New Zealand, and we work with specialist partners around the world.

Why Auckland?

Working from a New Zealand base is cost-competitive with the rising cost of creative services in China, and Auckland is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world, meaning our team has a higher level of cultural intelligence – a crucial quality when dealing with cross-cultural communications.

Clients we’ve served:


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