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Jules Lloyd, former Marketing Manager, Air New ZealandJules Lloyd

I asked the iJump team (now syENGAGE) to come and visit with the senior marketing team at Air NZ to discuss how they could work with us to quickly build our savvy and skills in the social media arena so that we were able to start building out our social media strategy. Post this meeting it was clear that the key thing we needed to do before embarking on creating our social media strategy and getting resourced to achieve this, was to get the entire team really familiar with and immersing themselves in the social media world. So we asked the syENGAGE team to hold a social media workshop for the entire Air NZ marketing team to attend, so that they could be presented with the key things they needed to know ( the toolbox) and also provide an in-depth forum for questions and answers. The time that we spent with syENGAGE over these initial months of investigation, really gave us the momentum and focus we needed to take the first and significant leap into the social media space – and essentially we moved forward with purpose from this point on.

Charlotte Mayne, former Marketing Director, Lincoln UniversityCharlotte Mayne

“We recognised we had a lack of knowledge in the emerging media space, and began looking at ways to get upskilled. I didn’t know anything about Simon and Marie or what they were going to present. I discovered a very nice and approachable consultative manner; I didn’t feel stupid dealing with them. As someone in a reasonably senior position, it was great not to feel stupid asking a question about new technology. The greatest benefit of working with syENGAGE has been the vast knowledge they had. And even when they didn’t necessarily know something they found out. Their attitude was “we don’t know, let’s learn it together” – a consultative, open approach. What has also been great is the ongoing ability to utilise syENGAGE and connect them with people that we work with at the university or other partners that could benefit from social media. syENGAGE worked well as part of our collaborative team.”

Vanessa Freeman, Marketing Manager, Taupo Tourism HoldingsVanessa Freeman

We needed external expertise in the social and new media space to keep our youthful brand positioned correctly in the market place. Marie and Simon worked alongside a selected group of our team to pass on the knowledge required for managing selected social media platforms. We developed a strategy and goals so the team were clear about our direction. This ground work provided the base we needed for growing and developing in the new media space.

Marie and Simon have an ability to reach people and the workshops they facilitated for us were outstanding. The team feel better informed and now have the tools to get results.


Jules Lloyd
Jules Lloyd, 新西兰航空公司前任市场经理



Charlotte Mayne
Charlotte Mayne, 林肯大学前任市场总监



Vanessa Freeman
Vanessa Freeman, 陶坡假日旅行社(Taupo Tourism Holdings)市场经