The syENGAGE framework for business transformation业务框架

When you work with syENGAGE, you’ll benefit from our framework thinking – ensuring we don’t just chase symptoms when we have the option to meet significant needs. It starts with the framework we have developed over our collective years of experience in business, career and online presence. Our approach aims to improve your organisation’s value in the following areas:

  • Thought leadership
  • VIP stakeholder experience
  • Insight-led innovation
  • Sales
  • Crisis Management
  • Internal communication

We typically have three phases to this approach: listening, doing and sensing.


is all about taking stock of what’s already in place. This includes:

  • Clarifying and quantifying your organisation’s objectives as they relate to social media
  • An audit of your existing social media presence
  • Understanding the customer experience from beginning to end, online and offline
  • Online research into the conversation space around netball in New Zealand

So listening is about taking a look inside and outside, and thoroughly knowing the current situation. From this, we’re able to develop a plan of action to meet your objectives. At this stage, you’re free to either execute the action plan yourself, or move with us onto the next stage, doing.


is the execution of the action plan, along with continually listening and learning. Doing can take two forms (and often may include both): training (syEQUIP) and our managed social media service (syHUB). syEQUIP provides training and discovery workshops taking people through the practical “how to” of social media. Material from syEQUIP has been used in the University of Auckland’s Short Courses programme.

Together we know more than any one of us. These facilitated workshops make the best use of time by harvesting the key insights needed for syENGAGE to develop a social media strategy.

syHUB partners with you to provide and/or supplement your social media presence. syHUB is a cross between a newsroom and a call centre – a newsroom to find, develop and distribute content, and a call centre to respond to customer and public enquiries in real time.


is connecting the nervous system – that is, ensuring that what happens ‘out there’ in social media connects to the internal systems and processes of your organisation. The end result: an organisation that’s ready to engage in real time with your audience(s), in a way that meets your strategic objectives. Want to learn more about the syENGAGE framework and how it can work for you? Contact us:


  • 深度领导能力拓展

  • VIP企业关系经验

  • 企业创新能力

  • 市场营销

  • 公关危机管理

  • 公司内部交流





  • 明确并且量化与社会化媒体相关的公司发展目标

  • 监听已存在的关于公司的社会化媒体信息

  • 从头到尾了解客户线上线下的产品服务体验过程

  • 在线对话监控