The syENGAGE Story成长历程

syENGAGE brings together the collective passions for engagement of four key partners and a tribe of eager, like-minded minds and hearts. syENGAGE is what businesses need for the 21st century. While everyone is figuring out the technological implications of social media, syENGAGE takes the story further – delving into corporate culture and leadership training. There are four strands to the syENGAGE story …

1. Bringing humanity back into business communicationSimonYoungWriters

In 2001, syENGAGE partner Simon Young left his job with a not-for-profit organisation to launch his own freelance writing career.

His passion? To bring clarity and warmth into the way organisations communicated. Influenced by the plain language movement as well as advertising greats like David Ogilvy and Claude Hopkins, Simon applied his philosophy of “writing like a human” to business communications, training courses, website copy, and magazine articles.

His agency SimonYoungWriters brought together expert writers to be able to write with passion and authority on any topic. In 2003, Simon created the Practical Email Marketing Course for the DMA (now the Marketing Association). He regularly wrote for NZ Marketing Magazine about the emerging world of digital marketing. His 2004 cover story, Logging into Blogging, eventually led to regular conference presentations throughout New Zealand and Australia.

2. Closing the customer service loop

While Simon was educating marketers and managers about the future of communication, Marie Young was experiencing the other end of marketing.

As a customer service professional, Marie saw first hand the most important part of a brand – the people delivering on the brand promise. As a customer service trainer, she helped her trainees develop – or rather unleash – their own genuine care.

Once again, putting humanity into business transactions. In early 2007, Marie saw the future, and it was called iJump. She joined forces with Simon, creating a consultancy that educated marketers and managers about the new, two-way world of communication. A world that looked a lot more like a call centre, but in public.

3. Adding value through engagement

In 2009, iJump and SimonYoungWriters combined to become sy social media consultancy, combining the ability to create professional content, with the ability to respond in real-time to consumer-generated content.

The company’s success attracted the attention of Sukesh Sukumaran, a geophysicist-turned-MBA with a knack for transforming businesses into high-growth companies. Sukesh had most recently transformed The Web Company into a high performing organisation, winning the Westpac Waitakere Business Award for Best Mid-Sized Business in 2009.

From a company that simply built websites, Sukesh introduced an approach that enabled web business, including internet business models, search engine optimisation and online reputation management. In April 2011, syENGAGE Ltd was formed, with Sukesh, Simon and Marie as partners. Creating the shareholders agreement was a lawyer with deep roots in community engagement, Patrick Ikiua.

4. Deepening Engagement

Patrick looked with interest at the new company Simon, Marie and Sukesh were forming. With a background as a commercial lawyer, banker and builder of organisations in the community sector, Patrick understood real engagement that drove behavioural change.

In mid-2011, Patrick and syENGAGE began working together and discovering synergies. At the end of 2011, the three business units of syHUB, syCONSULT and syEQUIP were created.

syCONSULT and syHUB carried on the type of projects that had been typical syENGAGE projects, and syEQUIP rolled together the social media workshops formerly known as Marie Workshops, with the wealth of material Patrick had created as Rim Consultants.

The Future

syENGAGE is all about the future, and we spend most of our time there. In 2012, our sights are focused on:

  • Leading our clients to great financial, human and long-term value results.
  • Increasing the knowledge and wisdom of an entire nation – with our syEQUIP offerings and our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives
  • Establishing a footprint across Asia-Pacific – with an active focus on China and Chinese-language markets, and not forgetting our Pacific neighbours.

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syENGAGE核心团队由4位充满激情热衷互动的成员组成 ,团队其他成员同样有着热情洋溢的工作态度和为客户创造价值的抱负。在21世纪社会化媒体普及的今天,每一家公司都强调社会化媒体技术的重要性,我们认为社会化媒体不仅仅是科技,更是严密的社会科学,如何突出企业内部的文化,发展领袖的力量,引导公司在新媒体时代实现发展,是我们孜孜以求的目标。我们的故事正是从这里开始……


1. 将人性化重新带回商务沟通中

photo 300x206 The syENGAGE Story

2001年,syENGAGE合伙人杨瑾鸿 辞去了在非营利组织的工作,转而成为一名自由撰稿人。

他的热情何在?将清楚明了和温暖人心的交流方式带入企业的日常沟通中。受到现代广告教皇大卫·奥格威和美国著名广告撰写人克劳德·霍普金斯的“朴实语言运动(plain language movement)”的影响,杨瑾鸿将自创的“像人一样去写作”的理论应用到商务沟通,课程培训,网页编辑和杂志撰稿中。

他的工作室SimonYoungWriters集合了许多志同道合的写手,凭借写作的激情和专业素质,打造出一批高水准的文章。2003年, 他为新西兰商业协会开设了“电子邮件营销实用课程”。现在,作为《新西兰商业杂志》的专栏作家,杨瑾鸿就数字化市场的发展道出了独特见解。2004年,杨瑾鸿关于博客影响力的文章“Logging into Blogging”成为杂志封面头条,从那以后,新西兰和澳大利亚地区的多场商务峰会邀请杨瑾鸿作为演讲嘉宾,分享他在社会化媒体领域的洞见。


2. 面面俱到的客户服务

photo 3 300x225 The syENGAGE Story

当杨瑾鸿致力于培训市场营销人员和经理的沟通方式时,Marie Young则将重心放在市场营销的另一重要方面—客户服务。




3. 通过互动增加价值

photo 2 225x300 The syENGAGE Story

2009年,iJump和SimonYoungWriters工作室合并成为sy社会化媒体咨询公司, 旨在打造专业化的培训内容,同时对客户产生内容作出及时回应。

公司的成功运营吸引了 Sukesh Sukumaran的注意,一位从地球物理学者转为工商管理专业的企业家。Sukesh善于公司转型业务,在他的带领下,奥克兰地区一家小小的网络公司成功转型为一家高水准的企业,并与2009年获得西太银行“怀塔克雷地区年度最佳中型企业称号”。



 4. 人人互动的力量 

Patrick Ikiua

2011年年底,Patrick与杨瑾鸿,Marie和Sukesh经过合作,决定成立在公司内部成立sy媒体中心, sy咨询服务 和 sy锦囊智库三个部门。 

sy咨询服务和sy媒体中心是syENGAGE公司的核心项目,sy锦囊智库的前身是Marie Workshops(社会化媒体培训项目),如今加入Patrick的多学科培训内容,课程更加丰富更加实用。


5. 憧憬未来

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  • 引领客户在财政、人力资源管理和企业长期发展目标上增加价值。
  • 为全世界的企业提供增长知识和见地的机会。【sy锦囊智库】的实践课程首次将企业的社会责任与发展结合一起。
  • 进军亚太市场,中国为主要业务开拓地区。



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