syENGAGE values

LOVE. Oodlie by Joi

Curiosity and a hunger for learning – the best antidote to fear in a world full of change. syENGAGErs know the intrinsic joy of discovering new information. It’s useful, yes, but it’s also just awesome for its own sake! Collectively syENGAGErs have an addictive hunger for learning.

Trust – we will give a reasonable (more than the minimum) amount of trust to partners, employees and clients by default, with the experience that trust begets trust.

Love – “Work without love is slavery” – Mother Teresa. We strive to do work we love, and show everyday love to the people we work with and for (that means our colleagues, our clients and their customers)

Humility – We are only as expert as our openness to new information. This means we aren’t afraid to say when we don’t know something.

Discontent and Ambition – We know there’s a way to do this better, and to make a bigger impact. We don’t settle for just OK. We’re humble, sure, but we do have an ego, so we want to make something that reflects well on us!

Respect – We know everybody is different. We start from the point of respecting – not only obvious other cultures, but also different personality types, professional backgrounds, and points of view. Everyone has something of value to share.

Humour – Everything is easier with a sense of humour.