Corporate Social Responsibility企业社会责任

syENGAGE is proud to be a part of communities around the world, and we recognise our responsibilities to those communities. In New Zealand, our corporate social responsibility takes the form of our partnerships with FOStR NZ and Computer Clubhouse NZ.

FOStR NZ – The Foundation of Social Responsibility, New Zealand

The Foundation for Social Responsibility New Zealand (FOStR NZ) is a not-for-profit organisation which aims to make New Zealand a better place to live by inspiring socially responsible behaviour. We believe that social responsibility is not only the right thing to do, it’s also an important business trend. In the coming years, FOStR will be helping businesses and charities better understand how to work together for the common good. syENGAGE is excited to be part of this education and storytelling initiative.

Computer Clubhouse NZ

Our partnership with Computer Clubhouse specifically connects with syEQUIP’s vision to upskill an entire nation. Our workshops and training courses upskill professionals and job seekers; while our partnership with Computer Clubhouse NZ ensures the next generation – especially those who wouldn’t normally have access to technology – are prepared for a digital future.


syENGAGE互动传媒非常重视企业的社会责任,利润并不是我们唯一的追求目标,我们同样承担对消费者,员工和社会的责任。在新西兰范围内,我们与FOStR NZ 和 Computer Clubhouse NZ合作,一同为社会发展做出贡献。


FOStR NZ (新西兰社会责任基金会)

FOStR NZ是一家非营利组织,通过激励企业和组织承担责任,旨在将新西兰建立为更适宜居住的国家。我们认为企业承担社会责任不仅仅是对社会有益,更是对企业自身的发展起到重要作用。 在未来几年中,FOStR 将帮助企业和慈善机构促成合作关系,我们syENGAGE很荣幸能与该基金会合作,作为企业社会责任的宣传中心和教育基地。


Computer Clubhouse NZ(新西兰计算机俱乐部)

我们与新西兰计算机俱乐部的合作旨在将【sy锦囊智库】的培训内容在全国范围内普及。我们的培训课程为职场新人提供了就业技能和职业发展规划, 同时,我们为企业在新媒体领域下的发展提供知识宣讲,为数字化媒体时代的到来做好准备。