6 Secrets from the Fountain of Youth6项成功撰写企业博客的秘诀

By name and by nature, Simon Young has an abundance of fresh, relevant content to share with… well… anyone that wants to listen, learn, engage, question or debate.

‘Share’ was the first secret that I absorbed from Simon’s Corporate Blogging Workshop, there were more to follow…

Knowledge sharing is the only way to keep up with the frantically evolving nature of our world. We have nothing to gain by hoarding our toys – or the insights gained by our experiences

– Instead of citing – ‘link’

– Give kudos, it may even be reciprocated

– Comment and engage in conversation when you have something valuable to add

– ‘How to’ tutorials and answers to FAQ’s are usually well received

‘Read’ and ‘Learn’

The more you read, the more you learn

– Bookmark Google Reader and allocate time to check RSS feeds

– Subscribe to what drives you

. This will make you happier, smarter, and a better blogger

3: ‘Discover’

Be curious and make connections between actions and results

– Google Analytics is invaluable for reporting  and planning. It can tell you as much or as little as you want to know.

– Use it to check site visitor statistics; whether they are returning, where they came from, how long they stayed and where they went afterwards. Were they engaged?

‘Be aware’

– Blogging is the underlying technology of all social media

– Tweeting is a mini-blog and EXCELLENT way to practice trimming your stories

– 42% of New Zealanders read blogs at least once a week

– Blogging works best with stories about people

Ask ‘Why’?

Understand the value of what you are doing

– Share your company values & create brand awareness

– Build better relationships with industry professionals

‘Answer back’

Be cheeky! Share your tips with me !



谈到成功撰写企业博客,杨瑾鸿(Simon Young)肯定是回答这个问题的绝佳人员。当然了,我这里也有一些建议,大家可以在这里交流学习,提问或者质疑。



 分享是我在“杨瑾鸿博客培训课程( Simon’s Corporate Blogging Workshop)”上学到的最重要的一点。

– 不仅仅是引用别人的话语,加上原文链接

– 称赞对方

– 评论或发起有意义的对话

– 分享‘How to’课程和‘疑难解惑’环节




– 浏览网页看到好的内容加入 Google Reader,抽出时间阅读订阅的信息 RSS feeds

– 订阅你认为值得阅读的讯息。





– 谷歌分析(Google Analytics)是分析博客的十分有价值的工具。

– 通过使用谷歌分析,你可以明确博客来访者的回流量,访客地理位置,网站停留时间,访客去向和互动情况。



– 写博客是使用社会化媒体的根基。


– 42%新西兰人每周至少读一次博客。 

– 最能吸引人的博客内容是以故事形式呈现的。




– 通过提问分享企业价值,提升品牌意识。

– 通过提问与业内人士建立良好关系。






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