30 seconds to Mars – an experiment (and a clue!)

We love to use this blog to report on how people are experimenting with social media for marketing. It’s great to be part of one of those experiments, and that’s what we’re doing!

The band 30 Seconds to Mars is coming to New Zealand for the first time ever in August for an all ages concert in Auckland. Tickets here.

EMI Music NZ have developed an online scavenger hunt for fans who want… let me see, this is a long list:

  • free concert tickets
  • a meet and greet with the band for the winner and a friend
  • a Masi speciale fixed gear bike (courtesy of Masi and T.White’s Bikes – apparently just like the bikes from the ‘Kings and Queens’ video) signed by the band

Three runners up will also get free concert tickets and the chance to catch up with 30 Seconds to Mars.

How the scavenger hunt works

Every weekday at 4:30, a new clue has been released on a different blog.

Collect all five clues each week to find ten jigsaw puzzles hidden online. Once you’ve got all ten jigsaw pieces, you will have a ticket. (And you will have earned that ticket!)

Once you collect all the clues and all the jigsaw pieces to form a ticket, email it and your phone number to iamasecretsecret@gmail.com as soon as humanly possible!

The first person to email in their correctly solved jigsaw puzzle ticket wins themselves the grand prize, and the next three people who email in will win runner-up prizes.

Every other correct entry also goes into the draw to fight it out in two separate 30 Seconds to Mars trivia quizzes. The winner of each quiz gets the two final runner-up placings in the treasure hunt.

As if that weren’t enough, there are spot prizes.

Here’s what to do if you want to enter:


  • Follow EMI Music NZ on Twitter at http://twitter.com/EMIMusicNZ
  • Hunt out each new clue, every weekday at 4:30PM.
  • Solve all five clues in a hunt-week. Each clue will give you one letter or character.
  • Make sure to keep all the letters/characters that you solve within a hunt-week, in order!
  • With all the letters/characters in order, insert them straight into the end of this web-address: http://www.theinsoundfromwayout.co.nz/
  • If you solved all the weeks clues correctly, you will be taken to a web-page which will contain a picture file of a jigsaw puzzle piece. Save it to your computer!
  • The final clue of the final hunt-week will be released at 4:30PM on Wednesday, the 16th of June. As soon as you have found the final jigsaw puzzle piece, you will need to put together the jigsaw using all ten pieces to create a ticket.
  • As soon as you have managed to put together the ticket, e-mail it as a .JPG file with your full name and contact phone number to: iamasecretsecret@gmail.com
  • If you are not one the first two to e-mail a correctly solved ticket, you will have one final chance at being drawn at random to take part in a 30 Seconds To Mars trivia competition on Thursday June 17th to win one of the final runners-up placings in the treasure hunt.

And now… the clue itself (the 22nd clue ever!)

Today’s clue

‘This Is War’ Clue #22. “There will be no help against evil” said Hesiod… What number age of mankind, is he referring to?

If you’re really keen you could read the terms and conditions and FAQ.

2 thoughts on “30 seconds to Mars – an experiment (and a clue!)

  • Sam

    Wow this is a very cool promotion – are you guys involved with this? I think I've seen something similar done in the states – went incredibly well.

  • Simon Young

    Good to hear, Sam. I hope to interview EMI Music about this to see how it's gone. It seems like it really works for people who are highly motivated to win!


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