EO University wrap-up

It has been a blast to be part of 100% Kiwi Adventure, the 2012 EO University over the last few days. We’re privileged to have a few EO members as clients, but it’s been absolutely amazing to see the breadth and depth of EO membership worldwide.   I wasn’t able to attend all the sessions, which […]

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Next wave of innovation coming from the Pacific

Tonight Marie Young will join innovative women Pacific entrepreneurs at the PACIFICA AGM. Marie will be sharing her experiences as a Pacific woman in the new and emerging space of social media.  Marie’s looking forward to sharing her own experiences and also hearing from people like Lani Wendt Young (@laniwendtyoung on Twitter).  Stay tuned for […]

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Greetings from Queenstown!
Queenstown EO University

I’m writing from the Heritage Hotel Queenstown, epicentre of EO University 2012, where I’m a guest speaker. There’s a palpable buzz in the air here. I think at least part of it is the feeling from everyone that here, they have full permission to be themselves – New Zealand’s tall poppy syndrome is put on […]

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