EO University wrap-up

It has been a blast to be part of 100% Kiwi Adventure, the 2012 EO University over the last few days. We’re privileged to have a few EO members as clients, but it’s been absolutely amazing to see the breadth and depth of EO membership worldwide.  

I wasn’t able to attend all the sessions, which is a real pity because we had some amazing speakers. However I was able to hear and see Kirsten Nevill-Manning, the (New Zealand-born!) global HR director at Facebook. Her thoughts on the new way to recruit and retain talent, and build a strong culture across borders really resonated with the approach we’re building at syENGAGE. (We’ve also developed our own service offering around people and culture).

 One of the things that particularly excited me was Facebook’s engineering bootcamp, which appears to be a truly engaging way to introduce employees to the workplace. In other words, drop them in the deep end, with good guidance and leadership. 

I also got some very nice feedback from my presentation on Thursday, and a lot of requests for my presentation notes. I’ve decided to embed them here. It’s designed to go with my spoken presentation, but may be helpful for the casual browser as well. (Hint: as well as using the back and forth keys, you can use your mouse to zoom in and out anywhere on the presentation)


If you were at EO University, what was your highlight? Let us know in the comments.

Queenstown EO University

Greetings from Queenstown!

Queenstown EO University

I’m writing from the Heritage Hotel Queenstown, epicentre of EO University 2012, where I’m a guest speaker. There’s a palpable buzz in the air here.

I think at least part of it is the feeling from everyone that here, they have full permission to be themselves – New Zealand’s tall poppy syndrome is put on hold at an event like this. 

EO is all about peer-to-peer learning, which is definitely the way forward in a world that’s changing faster than any one person can handle. 

Today my session is about “Social business – how social media will transform your business”. I’m going to tap into some of the live activity that’s already happening on the event’s Facebook page and on the Twitter hashtag #EOQTU

Based on the conversations I’ve had so far, business owners have a feel for what social media can do for them as part of a balanced communications diet. But, as the infomercials tell us, there’s more! We now have the tools to transform our companies into hubs of listening, sensing, and responding in real time to customer needs, creating competitive advantage, securing customer loyalty, and – this part is the most important – creating long term value in the business, and adding value to the world at large. 

It all starts with engagement. And that’s also where it ends. 

…and on that note, this is where this blog post ends. To be continued!